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"We believe the concept is fundamentally sound, and it provides a true performance advantage both on climbs and on descents. Adding support and pushing your effective seat tube angle forward for climbing makes all the sense in the world, and gaining clearance around the back of the saddle on the way back down is equally beneficial."

VitalMTB reviews the SwitchGrade saddle angle adjuster.


" other words your junk is being compressed while you're climbing on your mountain bike and I think that's a big problem that needs fixing and now enter the SwitchGrade, you simply reach down, pull up the lever and tilt the saddle down. Now I still have the same forward trunk lean but I feel like I no longer have that insane amount of pressure on my perineal area I'm bearing much better weight through those ischial tuberosities or the sit bones but I feel like I'm just in a much more naturally forward position like you would want to be in while you're climbing your bike."

How to manage back and groin pain while climbing your mountain bike


Loam Wolf

"Nose-down climbing is an absolute pleasure on ultra-steep climbs, too. But in reality, I don’t tend to subject myself to that kind of suffering on an analogue bike too frequently. This is where my biggest revelation about the SwitchGrade quickly came into fruition – it’s an eMTB’ers dream. Seriously. When you’ve got that assistance at your toe-tips, you find yourself picking out the steepest and most tech climbs to get up the hill faster and make best use of the motor, and the SwitchGrade is a serious asset to improving comfort and control on the bike in these situations."

Loam Wolf reviews the SwitchGrade


"Matt said the downward tilt was such an advantage on steep climbs that he really missed it when returning to a regular fixed saddle: "like the first time you tried a dropper post - you don't know what you're missing until it's taken away. The ability to tilt the saddle nose upwards for descending is another advantage; it effectively increases the dropper travel by moving the tail of the saddle further out of the way, and it reduces the risk of catching your nether regions on the saddle hull."

Pinkbike Innovation of the Year


"I ride with multiple folks for whom this could be the best upgrade to their riding experience since dropper posts themselves, especially when they take their bike off the Shore to ride areas that have more rolling terrain."

NSMB reviews the SwitchGrade

EMTB Forums

"Basically - AMAZING! I don't need to say anymore. Don't try one or you WILL want one!!"  

EMTB Forums Reviews the SwitchGrade for Ebikes and EMTB


GMBN Tech reviews the SwitchGrade

Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

SwitchGrade review

Paul Aston MTB (YouTube)

Paul Aston reviews the Aenomaly SwitchGrade


"I also felt that the climb position was even more beneficial on an e-bike where it’s possible to ride up even steeper the trails. In short, the steeper the climb, the more the Switchgrade helped out."


MTB-MAG review of the Aenomaly SwitchGrade saddle angle adjuster

Bike Gear Database

"The feeling is similar to trying a dropper post for the first time, and wondering how you managed to ride before that moment."


Bike Gear Database review of the Aenomaly SwitchGrade


Blister Reviews

"Having the seat a bit nose-up is genuinely nice for descending on very steep trails, and the Switchgrade makes it possible on bikes that are going to be pedaled back up to the top without major compromise. And it’s a real boon on the way back up, too — at least if the climb is steep enough."


Blister Reviews the Aenomaly SwitchGrade


"The Aenomaly SwitchGrade is a clean and effective component that maximizes matching the angle of the saddle to the functional post height. Returning to a fixed, traditional clamp leaves much to be desired, like the first time you tried a dropper post - you don't know what you're missing until it's taken away. The price may be a bit rich for those on a tighter budget, but the mechanical system is transferable across a broad range of posts and has proven to be quiet and flawless through winter grit.



MTB-MAG Best of MTB 2021




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New Atlas

New Atlas_SwitchGrade Seat Angle Control

Ruedeas Gordas

Bike Saddle Angle Adjustment on the fly

Canadian Cycling Magazine

Canadian Cycling Magazine Dropper Post SwitchGrade Bike Saddle