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Randy Tippin
Super Easy

Easy install. Often times products aren’t what they seem. This is exactly as advertised. Incognito seat angle adjustment. Clean, simple bit of tech to solve a problem no other product is addressing. Great product. Will for sure buy again for other builds.

Great Produce and awesome service

If you ride up a hill, chances are you do, then the switchgrade is an upgrade you'll love. I'll say that it'll be soon the status of a driopper, it'll be odd not to see them.

Korbin Kjolby
This thing is the tits.

Over the years I've gotten accustomed to a very rearward seat angle, namely 22¬į. And when I got a trail bike I obviously can't pedal with a seat like that like that. Being able to adjust my seat between the climb and decent massively improves how well I can ride my trail bike.

Douglas MacDonald
Switchgrade testing

I have installed and ridden with the Switchgrade approx 10 times now on 2 different bikes. The primary interest was for steeper and longer climbs, which we have many of here in Alberta. The dropping of the nose to climb is extremely effective and comfortable, as opposed to having to slide up on the seat to keep the front of the bike down. The new position allows for more power with less effort for climbing. A few comments (not complaints) would be that the lack of a spring to assist in lowering of raising the nose makes the switchgrade a bit finicky to get in the right position while riding. This would likely add weight and bulk, so understandable, but be prepared for a learning curve. A 2nd observation (not a complaint) is the high position where the seat is tilted up on the front. Personally I see no use for this feature, but I am an Enduro guy not a downhiller, so maybe the other guys find a use, but personally I don't see it! Knowing what I know now, I would actually buy this unit with only the 2 positions OR, if possible (not possible currently) would be to have neutral position and 2 lowering positions for climbing and steep climbing. I am considering purchasing a 2nd unit for my 2nd bike as I find it to be a great advantage.

Andrea Birolo
An upgrade that should not be missed!

SwitchGrade it helped me overcome technical sections that I normally couldn't pass, and made long stretches of very steep climbs less tiring. Thanks Noel!

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