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William McMahon
Switchgrade GOLD!!!

I love this switchgrade, change in terrain and reach down and change angle, simple positive clicks let you FEEL and hear the engagement. Great product, worth the wait for delivery, Thanks guys


Amazing product made BPW do much easier to ride. Thanks. ūü§ė


I never received the item….


Amazing product. works better than advertised. Completely changed the way I ride

Interesting product, but probably not necessary for most people.

The switchgrade is made very well and looks very cool. The lever action is very tactile and fun to play with. The build quality is superb.

Climbing mode works really well on sustained steeper climbs and puts my back in a nice comfortable position. Descend mode is great as well, but you should be careful when setting up the seat, because tilting the seat back will sometimes make the tire rub the seat on a bottom out (*at least on my bike). Kind of a bummer that I have to run my seat pushed up all the way to negate this, but it's not the end of the world.
Another downside is that it's pretty difficult to use while riding. Obviously they tell you not to use it while riding, but sometimes coming from a descent straight into a climb makes it really awkward to climb with the seat tilted in the descend mode. Then you have to ride one handed and fumble with the lever to get it to the right position. It'd be nice if they made the lever piece longer, so you wouldn't have to reach as far back to get to the lever. I wouldn't recommend this product to people who ride flatter trails, as there's basically no need to change seat angles for that kind of terrain.

Bottom line, I would recommend it if you have the extra money (it's really expensive) and want something unique on your bike. Otherwise, I'd say 95% of people don't really need this product.

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